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Are you looking for a home builder in Brisbane who specialises in designing and building homes on challenging blocks of land?

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Are you looking for home renovators? Maybe you want to lower your carbon footprint or you have a block of land that poses significant challenges to the average builder? With a reputation as custom home builders the size, elevation or soil type of your land really doesn’t matter, because Peter and his team have seen it all before and lived to tell the tale!

With more than 50 years in the building industry, Peter Eton knows all about the challenges of building on narrow, sloping sites with difficult access, reactive soils, hard rock and uncompacted fill.

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Peter’s more than 50 years in the building industry have earned him a solid reputation for getting the job done and he is one of the most respected home builders in Brisbane. He builds single, double, 3 storey and split level homes on your land, giving you the home you deserve on the block of land that you love.

If you are faced with building on a site that poses these sort of challenges, you already know how difficult it can be to find the right home builder in Brisbane. With Peter on your team however, you not only have a builder who specialises in these challenging sites, but who is also an expert in building energy efficient homes.

As luxury home builders in Brisbane, Peter and his team also build additions and extensions for homeowners who have outgrown their homes, but are reluctant to spend their money on relocating. In this case, your best strategy is to optimise your current living spaces by building up or out, giving you the best of both words!

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With a long-standing fixation on building homes that are low maintenance, environmentally friendly and energy efficient, Peter’s skills and experience have helped thousands of Australians to build the home of their dreams! If you have an unusual block of land and are in the market for an experienced home builder in Brisbane, you can’t go wrong calling Peter for his advice.

If you are in the market for experienced home builders, why not call Peter and discuss building, renovating or extending your home today.

Call Peter  on 3289 3500 for home renovations, home extensions and second storey home additions  and new home design in Brisbane.

You can’t go wrong calling Peter for his advice

If you have an unusual block of land and are in the market for an experienced home builder in Brisbane

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