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Energy Efficient Houses Qld Pty Ltd was previously known as Hunter Homes Pty Ltd. Our principal Award winning Designer Builder, Peter Eton, has always had a fixation with the attributes and the necessity of Energy Efficiency in home building, for example correct house orientation and design for the block with cross ventilation to capture the breezes. Which is so important in South East Queensland’s sub tropical climate. With the emergence of the mandatory Energy Efficiency legislation throughout Australia we changed the company name to Energy Efficient Houses.

Specialist new home construction Brisbane

Peter Eton runs one of the leading construction companies in Brisbane, specialising in modern and stylish environmentally friendly designs built on difficult blocks of land.

Along with his specialist team of qualified tradies and his extensive network of contacts in the industry, Peter has successfully designed, built, extended and renovated thousands of homes for his clients over the years. One of the features that makes Peter stand out from the average home builders in Brisbane is the experience he has collected over the past 50 years in the building and construction industry.

Peter Eton

is our Managing Director, Designer and Builder. Peter is An Award winning Designer Builder. He began his apprenticeship as a Carpenter and joiner in 1959 and has worked in the Real Estate, Building & Construction industry ever since. Peter supervises all the onsite work on a daily basis. All Energy Efficient Houses staff work well as a team and are proud of the homes they build. Our main staff members have been employed for over 10 years. Our valued clients receive one on one personal attention to help with all their important decisions such as, colour choices, finishes and fittings.

Peter’s Licences:

  • Registered General Builder Lic # 2558
  • Registered House Builder Lic # 2558
  • Licenced Real Estate Agent # 130632
  • Licenced Auctioneer # 130331; Member
  • Housing Industry Association # 217623
  • Associate member Building Designers Association Qld # 625
  • Energy Efficient Premium Houses BSA Lic # 15024006

Custom home builders in Brisbane

As one of the very few construction companies that specialises in building on challenging blocks of land in Brisbane, Peter is the best person to talk to when you have a difficult block of land. Sloping blocks, narrow plots, extreme slopes, reactive soils, uncompacted fill or rocky foundations are all problems that Peter has dealt with many times over the years and continues to overcome for his clients on a regular basis

New home construction in Brisbane

Many home owners ignore blocks of land that pose problems to construction, even though it is within their budget, close to work, family or friends, and has a stunning view! Don’t settle for second best, particularly when all you need is the right new home builder to achieve your dream.

Extensions, additions and renovations

Trying to find home builders for your extension, addition or renovation when you have a difficult block of land in Brisbane  can be a hard slog, but who wants to move when you love your home? The solution is to call Peter to discuss your block’s problems and find a design that suits your needs.

We at Energy Efficient Houses offer to selected potential clients our obligation free advice when purchasing your block, or we suggest you should enlist the help of an experienced and qualified person such as an Engineer. Peter is continually inspecting blocks where owners have informed him that salespersons have assured them that there was “no fill” on their blocks or potential foundation problems when in fact there is. Other inherent and unforeseen problems which should be answered prior to purchase are, restrictive easements, positions and access to services. etc.

If you want highly skilled renovators or new home builders that specialise in challenging blocks of land in Brisbane, why not give Peter a call today?

Call Peter on 3289 3500 for home renovations home extensions and second storey home additions and new home design in Brisbane.

Each home is designed with it’s own individual character.

There are many aspects to take into consideration for example; size, shape, frontage and aspect, where possible avoid blocks facing due west, even if it has compensating views. Our hot sub tropical afternoon can be unbearable, as can our cold westerly winds and fierce storms, all coming from the west. If your home is not correctly designed. Remember Brisbane’s predominant cooling afternoon breezes come from the North-East and the South-East, so design your home with the kitchen, lounge room and entertaining area facing this aspect. Inspect your prospective block in the morning and afternoon for the rising and setting of the sun and breezes. Also remember removing trees and old stumps can be costly, as can building on reactive soils, rock and un-compacted fill.

We specialize in sloping & difficult home sites!

Every block is different! Your block could be steep &sloping, a corner block, a block with stunning views, A Hatchet block at the back of other homes, or on a busy road. Energy Efficient Houses individually designs your home to suit your budget keeping in mind individual specific needs. With your input and aspirations combined with our experience we will help create your dream home!

Please note that we only build on the North Side of Brisbane!!!!

Contact Peter and ask his advice

If you need a qualified home builder in North Brisbane to design and build an energy efficient home on a challenging block of land, your first port of call should be to contact Peter and ask his advice.

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